Entry #1


2008-11-09 08:14:16 by helmutlord

The subject line is both a greeting to those visiting my page, and also a description of my feeling. Within half an hour of posting my first animation here, I had already nearly fifty views. That is easily the most immediate reaction I've ever witnessed. I shall definitely try and use this site again as soon as possible.

Hopefully if everything goes to plan, I will have something to post-- EDIT: Ha. We all know how everything going to plan always turns out. Got a job animating, so yeah - I won't be posting anything for a while.


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2008-11-09 16:03:44

I'm loving your work! God Bless Australia! :D

(Updated ) helmutlord responds:

Heh. On behalf of my country, we thank you for your comment.

EDIT: Doh! TheBoogley is only one of the most famous Australian flash animators... Well I feel foolish.


2008-11-10 02:54:27

Inanimated was great! I loved the self-referential style jokes, and I can't wait to see more from you.

helmutlord responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed it.


2008-11-10 20:35:57

Welcome to Newgrounds! Great job on Inanimated!
Would you mind spreading the view gain, visit my page and watch some of my videos? :D

helmutlord responds:

Thank you for the welcome.

Your animations are good, a little polish and they'd be fantastic. Keep working on it.


2008-11-11 05:15:06

Welcome to newgrounds and congrats on your first animation.

helmutlord responds:

Cheers, mate.


2008-11-11 12:19:19

Hey man your flash was awsome! I seriously can't wait to see your next creation!

Keep up the good work and welcome to NG!

helmutlord responds:

Thank you, and I'm glad you liked it.


2008-11-11 23:42:36

Tremendous work man. I wanna see more of your stuff, if you've made anything earlier on! I'm lvoing your style!

helmutlord responds:

My earlier work, is nothing but embarrassing, but I'm glad you like my current style.

I'm always experimenting, so I hope you'll like my next choice.


2008-11-12 14:42:15

I normally don't comment on a person's page, in fact this is my first time doing so. But I must say you did such an amazing job on Inanimated. Its one of the best things I have seen on here, rivaled only by stuff like Alien Hominid and what not. And the fact this was your first submission, makes it even more amazing.

So great work, and I hope to see more from you in the future! Inanimated has been greatly appreciated and is now a favorite of mine.

helmutlord responds:

Comments like this make it all worth it. I hope you continue to post on people's pages, if it means as much to them as it means to me.


2008-11-13 01:04:59

kkk Im from NSW tell me what state ur in k?

helmutlord responds:

kkk I'm from Victoria Kkk North East kk I know a couple of people from NSW kk


2008-11-13 11:49:51


helmutlord responds:

Rubberfishy! My dear friend! It is much too long since I visited the Space Tree forum. How are the old gang? If I can remember my password I must drop by.


2008-11-13 21:37:00

Haha, well done mate, good to have another fellow Australian on the site! I hope you stay around, we have an...interesting community.

Loved Inanimated!
Favourited straight away, the story was pretty original and presented so well. Nice clean style, great animation. Oh, and hilarious!
I'm thinking you'll be getting some pretty nice marks for that piece of work.
So where abouts are you studying?

I've got a cartoon to finish by next week for uni. If only I could come up with a story like yours!

helmutlord responds:

Do you mean Newgrounds or Australia has the interesting community... I'd say both. I'm studying over at Vic Uni, New Albans - Though my animation marks the end of that. *throws up the horns*

Thanks for the welcome - It's good to know there's actually so many Aussie's doing some quality stuff our here in the internet.

Good luck with your cartoon - a week to go? Yikes!


2008-11-14 00:04:52

Great job on Inanimated, beautiful timing, wonderful art direction, and solid voice acting. I'm excited to see what else you've got in you.

(Updated ) helmutlord responds:

Wow - LeafWorthy? Seriously?

I love your stuff! Your animations were the main reason I felt bad about being rated higher than other people - I'll be below you soon hopefully. I LOVE your work.


2008-11-15 06:41:38

That is a class flash.
It reminded me of Family Guy or something like that.

helmutlord responds:



2008-11-18 03:36:58

Welcome to Newgrounds!

Anyway yeah, just watched your animation and thought I'd check out your page. Also - You're from Australia, too? It's always awesome seeing great animators from Australia!

Enough dick-sucking, good luck with your next project mate.

helmutlord responds:

Thanks, man. I've noticed there's quite a few of us around.


2008-12-04 00:55:26

Cant' wait till your new work! I liked the last one you did so much! The humour is worked out so well, when we see it we can't stop till the end, and even when the flash is finished, we want more! Some jokes where sooo well done, like when the box died and draw X X for his eyes! lol. And all the dramatic scenem and the final scene too haha! great job there, i wish too se more! We got ourself a great artist here.

helmutlord responds:

Thanks, I really appreciate it.


2008-12-08 17:50:49

it's too bad you didn't make the top 5 for the month. i voted for you.

helmutlord responds:

I appreciate the sympathy and the vote, Mr. Nihil. Yeah, I'm a little disappointed too - though I was up against some stiff competition.


2008-12-09 13:22:52

voting last month was difficult. october was, too. lots of good entries. if Inanimated had to miss the top 5, at least it was "just barely." i'll be watching for your work, you're probably going to do pretty well around here.

helmutlord responds:

Thanks again.


2008-12-25 19:33:41

You're awesome. Sucks that you got 4.32 while other pieces of **anime** flash shit get 4.35

helmutlord responds:

Ha ha, you really have a thing about that, don't you?

But seriously, you're very kind. Thank you.


2009-01-26 19:30:42

I can tell that you're going to be one of the best authors here on Newgrounds. Doing such an amazing job (on a first flash, even) is nothing short of amazing. Good luck with flashing! :D

helmutlord responds:

Your very generous. The flashing shall hopefully continue.


2009-04-06 14:14:34

Your a very talented flash artist, are you still working on projects?

helmutlord responds:

Thanks Mr Bath. Yeah, I am working on a couple of things, got a couple of pots on the boil if you know what I mean.

But you know how it is - you can either work on something that will get you paid, or work on something for NG. Even then it's a hard choice.


2010-02-28 20:10:40


helmutlord responds:

Well, what can I say? I like being on the cutting edge of memes.