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God Moving (Moby/Heat Remix) God Moving (Moby/Heat Remix)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Love it

But then again, I'm in love with all your music.

Tell me, is this an original composition?
Like, if you used this for a commercial project, would you be sued by Moby?

MrRedstone responds:

Thanks a lot for the review. Everything you hear was made by me using Reason 4 but the original song itself is by Moby. I kept the song arrangement the same but incorporated the drums into it. The original song does not include drums.

DjCoast-OnTheEdge DjCoast-OnTheEdge

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Ah! So close!

I was really getting into it, until about 35 seconds in. The synths are so off key, it just ruins it.

Such a pity cause like I said, I was really getting into it.

last matrix last matrix

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Missing one or two elements

Great start, in fact the song is fine it just needs one or two things to make it work. Some kind of melody, or another beat or I don't know, something meaty.
At the moment it's just a beat or two over the top of each other, it's a bit inconsequential. It doesn't build to anything and ends up being repetitive.

Also I thought the pacing was a bit slow.

It's a pity because honestly it's really very close to a great song, I can feel it.

For the Road(the long Goodbye) For the Road(the long Goodbye)

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Good feel

Still needs a bit of variety. One thing you do well is match sounds to create a feeling (at least in this song), but I think it would pay to focus on the technical side of your music.

For example, in most of your songs you use a very 'safe' four beat canon, and repeat it continuously for the entire song. About the only time you did anything different in this song was at 0:42 where you introduced a short break. This worked wonderfully, but I think it's only a start.

At the moment I don't think there is ENOUGH in your songs:

I would encourage you to experiment with lots of different elements to add variety.
- Maybe add a longer, winding melody over the four-beats. Most really good songs have AT LEAST two melodies going on.
- Or try merging two of your songs (ones that match, obviously) and play the two songs in and around each other - maybe harmonies...?
- Try sampling audio, and adding that - like you would lyrics - and see how you like the process ( I'm guessing you wouldn't add lyrics, so this is a possible compromise?

An even better way to get a grip on how variety is achieved, is LISTEN TO SONGS THAT ARE SIMILAR, and write out exactly what happens in them. Divide them up into segments. What do they do to keep the song interesting?

Learn to recognise elements like Intro, Verse, Pre-Chorus, Chorus, Bridge, Collision, Solo, Outro and Break (this requires some study on your part).
For example, that Pixar remix I linked to earlier may have sounded like a mess, but it was VERY CAREFULLY CONSTRUCTED:

Intro (Establishing tone)
Verse 1
Verse 1 (With increased beat)
Verse 2
A little break
Verse 1 again
Verse 2 again
Very different Verse 3 (Without backing)
Very different Verse 3
All three verses fitting together perfectly (The best bit)

You see how, even if you don't like that type of music, there is no opportunity to be bored? It all sounds fresh and new, while still being the same song.
Whereas your song would read something like this:

Short intro (Subtle main theme)
Main Theme
Break (Subtle main theme)
Main Theme (With string backing)
Main Theme
Main Theme
Main Theme
Main Theme (With string backing)
Main Theme

Okay, I didn't write it perfectly accurate, but you get the idea. I could have turned it off after about 30 seconds and still have listened to everything.

Once you've listened to songs that are similar to what you make, start listening to songs that AREN'T similar.

The best action-movie directors take notes from dramas and comedies, the best digital artists take notes from classical painters, and the best musicians listen to all genres.

Also, at 1:45 the string-like backing sound is off tune, and sounds grating. This happens a couple of times. You have to be careful, backing sounds must be perfectly matched.

Anyway, this song has a lot of potential. I'd love to see some more things done to it.

Psyanos-Unwanted Revival Psyanos-Unwanted Revival

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


Yeah, I hate it when people are negative without feedback too. Hope you can get some more feedback.

This piece of music is far from bad, it's just not that close to excellent either.

It's repetitive... which CAN be done well, but it's also got an unoriginal chord progression. Pretty much four notes, in a familiar pattern, repeated over drums and other sounds.

If you look at, let's say ParagonX9's 'Chaoz Impact' (ID: 152047), it is very repetitive, but it's ALSO really unusual - and people don't mind listening to the same thing over and over again because of that.

What might have helped is if you had have added another melody/chord progression to mix things up. Or had a bit in the middle where it changes tone for a little bit, and then comes back with your main chord progression again (there's a name for that, but I can't remember it).

I know I'm using another example that isn't really your style, but in 'Vain Star' by Cycerin (ID: 112527), which is another repetitive song. At about 2:04, the music suddenly changes pace - it gives people a bit of a break - and then when it launches back into the main bit about twenty seconds later, it makes it so much better.

One last thing I'll try and comment only briefly on, is what feel is your song trying to achieve? What are people going to imagine to it? This song isn't quite suited to action... nor is it really dance, mystery, horror or... you know - anything in particular. In future I'd think about what, exactly, your music is aiming for. Otherwise it just ends up a bit flat, and a bit of everything.

Just a few ideas for you. And yeah, I hate it when people are negative without feedback too. I hope you start getting some more.

Kannibals Groove Kannibals Groove

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


I haven't listened to ALL of your music, but I think this one is the most promising and orginal. And I always respect artists who try something different.

I think music is about the emotions it evokes, and the imagery it conjures.

At the moment the music feels a little all over the place. Different musical elements don't match, and in my opinion, conjures conflicting emotions and imagery.

My favourite bits are the first twenty seconds, and the minute after 1:27. These are the bits I could use in an animation.
The contrast between the sharp, lone horn (or whatever it is) with the soft mysterious backing is striking and memorable.
As for emotions, to me it evokes loneliness and mystery, with a hint of desperation. It is also slow and purposeful.
And imagery? It has a slight middle east flavour to it. Exotic.
All these original elements merge together, and in my mind I can clearly picture a guy wandering the desert in the middle of the night, alone. Good music will spark peoples imaginations just like it did for me.
Do you see how these different elements complement each other, rather than conflict?

The drums, and heavy pop beat. Not exotic at all. Kills the mystery and all the other original bits about the music.
There's nothing wrong with them, and in another song they could be genius
Do you see how these elements conflict with each other, rather than compliment?
It's a difficult line to walk.

Sorry I don't have anything more practical to say to you, other than with every bit of music you make, really try and find that core emotion and imagery and add to that.

If you made this song half as long, and more 'pure' (made it all sound like one song) then I would probably favourite this song... and maybe even use it in my next animation?

Little Village Little Village

Rated 5 / 5 stars

A personal favourite of mine

I downloaded this a long time ago, and I thought - since I've been listening to it so often - that I should come back and tell you so.

I just downloaded a very similar sounding album - the Tombi Soundtrack, for nostalgia reasons, and I realised that your song is better then every track from it, and that was a professional and I was biased towards it!

Well done - I wish I made games, just so I could put this in.

Tombor911 responds:

Wow i am so glad you like my music!

Snowman Snowman

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Stronger drums

This one definitely has potential. I felt that maybe it would have benefited from a much stronger beat. The rest of the sounds floaty and airy (which works), but then the drums also faded into this distant, quiet 'tapping' - The start had stronger drums, and I hoped they would get stronger rather than weaker, or maybe swapped for some kind of bass... I don't know.

Music isn't particularly my strong point (unlike you), but I have a hunch that if the whole song were more 'forceful' and 'rocking' it may become a favourite of mine.

Still a great song

Tombor911 responds:

wow thanks so much! =)


There's Always Hope There's Always Hope

Rated 4 / 5 stars


The captured the mood you were aiming for with dead-on accuracy.

It does sound a little generic, with very predictable melodies. It's the kind of song I've heard many times before. However the fact that all those times were from professional Musicians, means you are some kind of monkey genius.

I only have criticisms, and a lower score because I am judging you on a Professional Industry standard, which you have earned.

Tombor911 responds:

wow thanks noone has ever thought of me as professional thanks

Glass Fish - Nemis Theme Glass Fish - Nemis Theme

Rated 5 / 5 stars


More music from this game! *little excited dance*

I was going to give this a nine so I could save the 10 for the reprise of this, from the end of the game - but who am I kidding, this is still a 10 easily.